Thursday, August 2, 2012


We have been playing at the zoo

 Playing at Aunt Shan's (while Will and J conquered a project, okay mostly Will, for MK's room) We even got a surprise visit from Grandaddy, The Grandmother, and The Grandad while we were there!

We have been swimming so much our hair might look a tad green

We have been working on our fall wardrobes...and that is a task for 3!!

Tootlebugs is busy, busy, busy. I think everyone is getting in panic mode for my maternity break. I am ready too and can not wait to spend my time on personal stuff for awhile!

We survived another end of the month for J at work YAY!!!

Beach vacation is coming up soon. Can not wait for a few days of nothing but toes in the sand with my 3 favorite guys.

Jack is camping out  this weekend complete with smores and hot dogs. Thankfully we have a Pop to do that, so I don't have too! Not really an outdoorsy kind of girl! HA!

MK's room is going to be painted and transformed this weekend! I can not wait!!!

School starts for both boys in 1 month! I can not believe my sweet henbug is going to school, not sure how I feel about him not being the baby anymore. And say a prayer for Jack's teacher...she has 10 boys and no girls this year!!!!

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