Friday, July 20, 2012

Random List

  1. Jack has swimmer's ear. Not sure I realized how painful that would be or if its the fact that he can
communicate so well now, but will all that said, I will be more than grateful when the drops start working so we can all get a good nights sleep!

2. Jack saw a big monster the other night and ended up in our bed. Of course right before the swimmer's ear kicked in...again, no sleep!

3. Tootlebugs is getting really busy with fall orders, I am thankful, but secretly counting down the days until Sept. 1st when I can take an indefinite break and have fun doing things for my sweet 3!

4. Aunt Emmy is the best and she is sneaky! She got Maggie Kate's coming home outfit in the mail and sent me a picture. Is amazingly beautiful and I can not wait to see it in person! I kept wondering why I never heard back from Holly after I ordered it! HA!

5. I am realizing how important a good Sunday School class is. I am thankful for our church and my sweet SS friends.

6. Pop won the name battle with Aunt Em this week! Henry has now said Pop...Emmy has yet to be successful or her end, but its coming!

7. I may or may not have a problem buying clothes for my children. I think its safe to say that MK will not need anything to wear for a while. But of course I am always open for more!

8. I am really thankful for the life we have right now. God has blessed our family is so many ways, and its hard to believe in 10 short weeks our family of 5 will be complete.

9. Cafe IZ chicken salad and white cheddar pimento cheese made me really happy today!

10. I can not believe the time has come for me to start visting the OB's office every two weeks. Where did the last 30 weeks go?

11. Jack has a much better tan than I ever have! Aunt Em is sooo jealous!

12. I may be addicted to dove dark chocolate

13. I really don't get pinterest and find it a tad boring, I know its the rage, but I just am not sure I follow.

14. Its seems like lately I learn something new about J almost daily. That man never ceses to amaze me and I am thankful for that!

15. I hear somebody crying, so I guess that means 15 is a good place to stop!

Happy Friday!!!!

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