Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MK-30 week update

  I can not believe that I am going to the doctor every two weeks now! Time is flying by. I had a great visit today..finally gained some weight (maybe too much) so my mom and Shan will be proud :) Her heartbeat was 160 and we barely got it before she decided to move on us. 

I had pretty much made up my mind that we were going to do the 4D ultrasound. I wanted to just confirm...AGAIN that it really is a girl and I thought Jack would enjoy seeing it. I did not realize that it had to be done by 30 weeks, which is Friday AND the end of the month. So guess what? No 4D ultrasound unless I wanted to go alone, and not wanting J to miss out I decided to pass, so I guess we are officially done with ultrasounds of babies!! 

And if it does turn out to be a boy....he will be one cute little thing dressed it lots of pink! HA!

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