Monday, June 11, 2012

Time Flies....

  When you are having fun!!!!

We are going on our 2nd week of swimming this week. Jack is still loving it and can swim alone across the pool to Ms. Laura this morning in the rain...and I missed it! I was at the doctor! UGH!!! J is surprising him and coming with us on Wednesday. Jack will be sooo excited! We have a makeup session this afternoon, so I am hoping I get to see him swim across the pool!

I had my 24 week doctors appointment this morning and since Jack had swimming, Henry came along with me. Got to love an appointment where you lose weight and they get you in and out in 30 mins! Henry laughed so loud at the sound of Maggie Kate's heartbeat! Everything is good and we are thankful for that!

I picked out all the fabrics for MK's bedding, we bought her bed, lined up someone to paint and distress her dresser. It's coming along and she now has a closet full of clothes! I just can't stop with the girly clothes!! We just need our house to sell, but J and I have both talked about it and we know its God's timing, but it sure would be nice if we could all get on the same page!

Jack is obsessed with the recipes on pinterest. He loves to look at them and decide what he and J are going to make. He wanted to make grilled smores banana things! We took a trip to target, got all the stuff and grilled them when Aunt Emmy was here. They were not so yummy, but Jack thought it was fun anyway!


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