Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Today was meet the teachers at Jack's school, and of course Jack was so excited when he realized Ms. Heather was going to be one of his teachers again this year. She is cute, young, and blonde! HA!! I LOVE his new teacher Ms. Teresa and was so impressed with her and what all she has planned for their class this year!

We took treats for the never hurts to do a little sucking up! HA! And EVERYBODY goes crazy over my Gran's rice krispies. (And, no I can not give you the recipe...she has sworn me to never tell!)

We met some new friends and Jack said YAY!! when I told him we were going to school this morning! We stopped for a doughnut and to show daddy our new backpack for school before we headed home to eat lunch, have naps, and even a little play time with two of our favorite girls!

Its also the start of birthday month around our house today!!!

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