Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dear Henry: Month 9

Dear Henry,

I am a little late writing this post, but it worked out perfectly for me to do it today because you had some BIG accomplishments! You crawled and you sat up from lying on your belly! You sort of have been army crawling and doing these push up things for the last couple of weeks, but today when you saw that toy your brother had and you wanted went for it!

It honestly does not seem possible at all that you are crawling much less already 9 months old! Jack will clap and cheer for you when you do something new. Its so cute and sweet, and yet when you cry he quickly says You alright Henry! HA!

You are still just as content as can be, but now that one little top tooth is trying to poke through, we have our moments, and you can throw a good little "fit" when I walk into the room. If I am around, you want me! (Its okay...It sort of melts my heart!)

We take you to the doctor later this week, so I am not sure what you weigh or long long you are! You eat between 4-5 jars of baby food a day and nurse about 4 times. We have made it this long without a bottle, so I am guessing we will just go the whole 12 months, unless you bite me to much! You are wearing mostly 12 months clothing and size 4 diapers! (if your brother does not go to the potty soon, you will both be in the same size) You nap 1 time a day, sometimes 2 times and wake up so early lately...5:30am!

Your big blue eyes and contagious smile make my days happy and your sweet content nature makes me want to hold you and kiss your chubby legs all day! I LOVE your cheeks and that laugh is better than any other sound! You are mine sweet boy and I thank God everyday for the 9 months He has given me with you!

Love you more than you know....


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