Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Camera Phone Unload

Of course now that football is in full swing, we spend lots of time in front of the TV on the weekends. The good news for me is that usually means J cooks some yummy food and I get to work for a solid day, and lately I have needed it.

This weekend was not much different, but we did get to have dinner Saturday night with Aunt Shan, Colby, Sydney and Caden, and that made my weekend! I got a cute new attachment for my Happy Everything platter that I love and we all got to spend some fun time together!

Can you tell Henry likes limes???

And, this my friends is an almost 3 year old who dressed himself AND proof that we do own more than just smocked clothing! I did let him go to Hobby Lobby and the post office with Aunt Emmy and I dressed like this! This kid LOVES some hats!

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