Thursday, September 15, 2011

As Promised: Pirate Party Post 1

Jack had a great 3rd birthday party! We decided on a pirate theme a few months ago and debated on what to do for awhile, and after talking to my sweet friend Beth during a play date one day we decided we would tag team it, since Jack and Elliott are only 3 weeks apart and being that they are welcoming a new baby girl right around Elliott's birthday she needed to plan it early and quickly! We decided easy was the way to go with a bunch of wild boys and we rented the church gym, set up a bouncy house, games, pizza and cake, and let them go. They all had a blast and Jack even finished the evening in true boy form with a big black eye! I mean what else is a plastic bat for besides a cute pirate ship pinata??

Here is a start at the pictures with more tomorrow.

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