Monday, August 1, 2011

A Girl?

This is one of those things that Jack will probably kill me for one day, but I have to share!

This morning my mom was here and I was trying to get some work done for Tootlebugs while she was here to help. Anyway I needed a picture for a project that required a birthday shirt and a child wearing it, well I had just finished one that happened to be Jack's size, but it was for a girl. I did not need a face in the picture, so I did not mention anything about it being a girl shirt, the color, I just put it on him and said if you smile pretty for me I will give you some Dr. Pepper.

As soon as I put it on he smiled for a second and then he looked down and said Mom, I am a girl! It was so funny, just hoping I did not scar him for life!!

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