Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Lag

I really just have not had much to say lately. I work ALL THE TIME! We play some, Jack is still as wild as ever, and Henry as easy and happy as ever. He has learned a new trick and can balance himself on his hands and feet....for some reason he missed the memo on trying to get on your hands and knees and skipped right to the feet! HA! Its really really funny and when he does it he can not seem to figure out how to get back down! HA! He has also taken to pulling up on the train table! He is so proud when he does it and then Jack usually knocks him down!

We are on the countdown and school starts back in 2 weeks YEA!!!! Jack and I need a little time apart! I think I might be that mom that has to carry the spanking spoon around in the diaper bag. He got so excited at Wal-Mart recently when he realized they have spanking spoons too! Some days its the only thing that works!

Don't ask about the visor..that's an Aunt Emmy thing!

We are also on the countdown to 30...4 weeks from today. OH MY!!! 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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