Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our day

Jack had school today and I was glad to be able to get some things done, except I forgot that running errands was not going to be as easy since we moved Henry out of his infant car seat over the weekend. He is over the weight limit and it was time, but WOW those things are convenient.

Jack was in it until he was 16 mos old, so it is totally different with a baby who has just learned to sit up and trying to hold him and your keys and your purse just to run in somewhere for 5 seconds...not to mention he was trying to get his nap out this morning too! Thankfully he is a go with the flow baby! We made it everywhere we needed to go and got home in time to check work emails, eat lunch and run back out to pick Jack up. (And this picture is proof that they are not ALWAYS dressed alike! HA! Of course it was only because Henry pooped on the matching outfit!)

Krispy Kreme opened close by about 1 week ago and we pass it going to and from school. Jack pointed it out several times and asked what that was and if we could get a doughnut. Not really a fan of doughnuts and especially not KK I put him off for awhile, but he was in such a happy little mood when I picked him up and he was so good yesterday I decided we would stop. He had to have a hat and wanted a chocolate cruller! All the way home he wore that hat upside down and he scarfed that doughnut down! I guess I should have thought about the sugar high right before nap...because that did not happen today! Oh well, we spent some time together watching TV while H napped and got some work done just in time for J to get home and cook a yummy dinner for us!

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