Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

My Jack......

he is full of life and such a happy child! He loves to sing and dance and be the life of the party. He is stubborn and strong willed like me and laid back and looks just like his daddy. He's quirky and loves his Gigi, Pop and Aunt Emmy almost as much as Henry, but I think Henry takes the cake for now! He loves that baby and loves to aggravate that baby! HA! He loves pizza and Chick-fil-a Elliott, Reed, and Emily Kathryn are his favorite friends and at school Abigail and Jay are pretty special too! He LOVES school and is always so proud of whatever they did that day. Dr.Pepper can fix any problem and so can a good movie (this week its Wall-E)

He says mommy 900 times a day and sometimes it drives me just a tad crazy. He has learned how to buckle himself in his car seat (on most days) and thinks that if we leave the house for any reason we must always stop at Chick-fil-a and daddy's office. He amazes me everyday with how much he knows and the things he says. He's all boy even in a smocked jon-jon with all those bruises and bumps to prove it.

He thinks being outside is the greatest place on earth and told us this weekend that he is going to ask Santa to go to Disney World (good thing Santa was already planning) He wants to go anywhere and everywhere all the time.

His favorite play date involves Pop and the Bass Pro-Shop and of course Chick-fil-a!

He hates milk and loves orange juice. He loves sweets of any kind, fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwich with honey! he could live off pickles and Dr. pepper I am sure!

He hasn't made me feel as helpless as he did last night since his quick stay in the NICU when he was born. We try our best to protect him, but we can not always do that! He decided last night to touch John's grill while it was hot! His little hand is red and blistered and he screamed and cried for about 2 hours! (this child never cries over boo-boos...EVER!) He wouldn't let us look at it and bounced around on the floor, on the bed, in my arms, in J's arms all night. We tried a cold rag, the bathtub, a cold Dr. Pepper can, movies, candy, anything we could think of to take his mind off of it! He just wanted to go to bed! I put him bed and laid with him for awhile, he would try to get comfortable, but begin screaming every 5 mins. He finally said you go mommy and shut door. So I did. It broke my heart that he was in pain, so I sat outside his bedroom door until he got very quiet. I quietly peeked in and finally he was out! YEA!!! I checked his hand before I went to bed and prayed he would sleep all night!

He is better this morning, but still does not want to use that hand much. Its better to just leave it uncovered and alone, so we have done that. Its not as bad this morning and the blisters don't look as big. Dr. Pepper and some waffles helped and he opted to skip school!

He's full of life and there is NEVER a dull moment with that kid!

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