Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Henry: Month Seven

Dear Henry,

I was just telling your daddy tonight while we were dressing you for bed that you need to stop growing. 7 months has passed to quickly for me and I am enjoying my time each day with you too much! You are getting such a little personality and love life so much! You are really the easiest and happiest baby I have ever been around. This weekend everyone kept commenting on how good you are and that you never cry...and it is very rare that you cry or even whine! You are beginning to love baby food and we even had to share with your brother for about a week. You eat baby food two times a day, and I think we will be moving to 3 times very soon! You can almost sit up alone for more than two seconds. And you can roll across a room in a second flat. You are about 22lbs and moving to a bigger car seat this weekend! Its time for the bouncy seat, swing, and all your "baby" toys to go to storage. That makes me so sad and I am not sure I am ready for that yet! We love you so much and its amazing to me that God blessed us with a baby that brings so much to our lives.

I Love you sweet boy!


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