Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th Weekend

We had a wonderful holiday weekend, like as in one of those where you just don't want to come back to reality. It also helps that Aunt Shan's house is like Disneyland and there is plenty to do and lots of space to play! Jack has asked me every morning, can we go home? After I tell him we are home he says no, home to Colby and Sydney! So, I am thinking next time we have one of those two year old days, I might just take him home! HA!

We shopped, ate WAY to much, slept, played tennis okay I did NOT play tennis, J did, but I am thinking it is totally something I could take up considering the little skirt outfits are really cute!

We headed home late Monday night and made it back just in time to see the fireworks over our city as we drove in. It was quiet and both boys were sleeping...a perfect end to a great weekend! And for the record I would totally be lying if I said this picture does not make me want 5 kids! I mean are they not cute???

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