Thursday, June 16, 2011


For some reason I have been in a funk the last couple of days. I think all the preparation to go on vacation, then getting ready for Henry's baptism, plus taking Tootlebugs orders again, and having both boys at home all day, and J being covered up at work and working late has just done me in! I am tired and I am sitting here right now trying to talk myself into just taking nap with Jack and Henry this afternoon. I probably should and it would probably make me feel better, but then I think of everything I need to be doing, so I am thinking a Dr. Pepper will have to do for today!

Jack is loving being back at school and he was so proud of his coloring sheet yesterday and could not wait to show it to his daddy. He also learned an adorable song about a bumble bee and he was singing away last night...hand motions and all. Of course I had not heard that song before and he is still hard to understand sometimes, so after he sang it for Gigi we called Aunt Beth...we knew that 20 something years of kindergarten teaching would help us out and it did! She sang it for me and now I can sing it with Jack. I have got to try to get it on video...its priceless!

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