Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer begins!

Jack's last day of school was today. I let him stay all day because he loves the extra outside time and I can get tons more work done, however I almost had a slight crying episode this morning and decided that this monogrammer needed a day off! So Henry and I opted for lunch with J and a little shopping. It was majorly hot...not fun for trying on clothes, so we ended up going to the post office and grocery store and making good use of our time! Jack was hot and his hair was ringing wet when I picked him up, but he was happy and thirsty, as in 3 capri suns thirsty.

His little school friends are the cutest things, 6 wild boys and one sweet little Abby. They chowed down on Chick-fil-a and cookie cake and were excited to have parents and grandparents visit them at school! Lucky for Jack since I work at home, I still needed some time to do that this summer so he will be going back to school mid June and he can not wait. He is already asking for his friends and school just ended!

I love that sweet boy and he is growing so quickly before my eyes. You can carry on real conversations with him and you never know what he will say next! He loves his daddy and his brother and can be the sweetest wild child I know! School has been great for him this year and I am so glad he got to go! Its off to the 3's class next year...Oh MY I have a 3 year old!!

Jack's 1st day of school September 2010

Jack's last day of school May 2011

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