Monday, May 16, 2011

A List

Writing lists is something I do almost everyday to help me remember anything and everything. AND since I have this blog to remember any and every thing with our family I figured I better write all this stuff down quickly before I forget! Time is flying with Henry and Jack!!

  • Jack asked if he could go to the beach. I did not even know he knew what the beach was!
  • Henry is trying to sit up as of Friday (5-13-11) he needs some assistance, but he just laughs and smiles and himself like he has conquered the world.
  • Jack has decided that it might help him a little if he says "mommy just kiss me" when he is in trouble. I literally have to bite my lip and turn away to keep from laughing and smiling at him
  • Jack knows he is not supposed to annoy Henry and that mostly means no touching on the head or climbing on him, not that he obeys this rule all the time, but if I catch him doing something he will say "okay, okay, I go time out!"
  • Jack was playing this weekend alone and I heard him say "I sorry Emmy" I guess he was playing with Aunt Em even though she was not here!
  • Henry is still loving his thumb, but only the left one
  • I got a new-to-me much bigger and more complicated monogramming machine on Thursday. I just want to remember how far my business has come and that I am truly blessed in that area. It was so intimidating on Thursday, but I conquered it by Friday afternoon and I have to say I am in love!! I still have a long way to go, but boy I have come a long way too.
  • We got to witness sweet Charlie's baptism on Sunday. God is so good and I am thankful for sweet friends to share memories with! I can not wait for Henry's baptism coming up. (We had to schedule it around he size so he could wear the same outfit that Jack wore)
  • J and I finally did some so out of the ordinary for us and we are taking a trip and leaving both boys with Pop and Nana, they are excited to keep them and I am excited for a getaway with J.
  • Jack has become obsessed with bubbles and Alvin and the chipmunks. He calls them all the time Alvin...Simon....Theodore, and the way he says Theodore, might be one of the cutest things ever! I bought him a bubble blower that does it for him because, yes I am too lazy to sit outside and blow bubbles for hours and hours!
  • Henry loves the johnny jump up now. He has yet to fall asleep in it again, but he LOVES it!

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