Thursday, April 21, 2011

Egg Hunts and Fallen Trees

Yesterday was Jack's Easter Egg Hunt at school. He was so excited about taking his basket and treats to his friends. (thanks to Sara Ann for making the cute, cute cookies) He walked around with his Easter basket all morning saying "I find eggs"

He wanted me to take his picture with the basket and he would say cheese mommy, but he would not for anything LOOK AT THE CAMERA!

I opted not to go to the egg hunt since it was storming like crazy, I had Henry, and I knew if I went in for it Jack would throw a hissy fit when I left.

I got ready to go get Jack from school later than usual since he was staying all day, and since it had finally quit raining I was planning to make a Target run before picking him up....well things never seem to go as planned and I spent over an hour sitting at the entrance to our subdivision because of this...

Apparently the storm was worse than I thought and thankfully I left at just the right time and missed the tree falling on my car or the car in front of me. So, J had to go to the school and get Jack, then park his car up the road and walk Jack to me so he could get back to work quickly. Crazy Days!

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