Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend at home this year! Aunt Em spent it with us since she had to work on Saturday! We got to visit with Grandi and Grandaddy on Friday. They brought treats for the boys and Jack got to show off his water table, and soak himself and everyone else!

Saturday morning was the neighborhood egg hunt in Reed's neighborhood, so we tagged along and dyed eggs and ate pizza!

Pop and Nana stopped by Saturday afternoon and took Jack on a "date" to dinner and a little shopping! Aunt Em, J, Henry, and I took advantage of a quiet evening and went out for a two-year-old-free dinner for sushi! It was was like heaven. Since our life these days consists of Chick-fil-a dining as "fancy!"

The Easter bunny stopped by way to late Saturday night, and left the boys some treats. Mostly practical things like pjs and blankies! Jack's favorites were the WaQueen suckers and $1 sunglasses, but changed that night when he got to sport his new pjs (more on that later!)

We had a great Easter service at church and enjoyed a late lunch at home. (Easter dining out crowds and rowdy 2 year olds do not mix!) Jack played outside and Henry napped! Thankfully we had Em here so we could attempt some pictures before church and well oh my! is about all I have for that! I guess these are what our pictures will look like for the next 18 years or more! And BOTH boys had accidents at church, so those Easter outfits were very short lived on Sunday! Thank goodness for Oxy Clean and overnight soaks!!
Enjoy some of my favs!

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