Thursday, March 10, 2011


Most mornings I try to take a shower before J leaves for work. It just helps tons even if it is at the crack of dawn, but some mornings no matter how much I try it just doesn't work out that way, so Jack provides musical entertainment for Henry with a few pinches, getting in his face, and me standing in the shower saying no 50 times a minute, but for the most part Henry likes it, unless he is trying to sleep!

I try to remind myself that Jack and Henry really don't care if I have had a shower or not and we are home most of the time, so its not likely that anyone is just going to pop by, and if they do just pop by, so what if I have spit up all over me and greased up hair! If I looked this cute in my pj's I might not care!

Yesterday was purple day at school. That is a hard one for boys, so I remembered this shirt I got on sale last year when we were visiting J's parents. I got it out and put a quick monogram on it. It worked and he looked super grown up, but cute. This summer its all jon-jons because I know once the potty training starts our jon-jon days are over. And is it bad that I would rather continue to buy diapers for two than give up jon-jons?

For the most part Henry is sleeping through the night and waking up around 4:30 to eat. (I consider 10-4:30 the whole night) I am really having a hard time thinking of putting him in his own room. I know he probably won't be my last baby, but if for some reason he is...I don't want to let him go just yet. Plus he is a really good snuggle buddy!

Tomorrow is going to bring some much needed fun and a break for all 4 of us!
Can't wait to step away from the monogramming machine for 24 hours!

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