Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been busy. Life with two is a lot different, but I am loving every minute of it and honestly I like busy. Of course it does help that I have J who is good at helping out and Pop and Aunt Em close by too. Since I had planned to go to a bridal shower for Landen (a high school friend who was in my wedding) on Sunday Pop decided to come get Jack on Saturday morning and let him have a spend the night party and I picked him up after the shower on Sunday. (After a trip to my fav. store for cheap smocked clothes) Jack had lots of fun and even mastered riding his "WaQueen"(that is two year old talk for Lighting McQueen, and no he does not have a little brother named WaQueen)

It rained and got very cold over the weekend, so we stayed in our pjs

but I got lots and lots done including the tax prep work that I had been putting off for months now, we finally got new patio furniture on sale (after almost 4 years), and Saturday night I went in a flood to stock up on diapers at Big Lots. 20% off makes a HUGE difference especailly when they already have the cheapest pampers around!

It was fun to meet a new baby and see very old friends, now if the weather would just get back into the 70's my little world would be just perfect again!

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