Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend recap

This weekend my Gran got to meet Henry for the 1st time and we enjoyed spending some time with Gigi, Geepers, and Gran! Jack played outside and Henry got lots of loving! Every time I see a picture of him I crack up at how chubby his cheeks look and how he does not look anything like his pictures in real life. I don't know what it is, but that camera makes his cheeks look so chubby. Not that they aren't a little bit on the chubby side along with his arms and legs! Why oh why can't those rolls look cute on me?

We also celebrated Em's birthday one last time with yummy strawberry cake from a local bakery and enjoyed a dinner out, that we did manage with two kids, of course Henry slept the entire time and Jack hung in there, but I did remember why our idea of a fancy dinner out is now Chick-fil-a! HA! After all how could this sweet face ever act up?

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