Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random List

  • We had snow on Thursday and today it was in the 60's...I guess that is why we all have a cough and runny noses, again!
  • Aunt Emily found me new rugs for my living and dining room, and while I really was not quite ready to spend the $$ on a living room re-do just yet, the price was so good I could not pass them let the re-do begin
  • Aunt Em and Uncle Pookie came by today to bring the other rug, Jack cried and threw a fit when they left, it broke Aunt Em's after she heard him still crying when she called to check on him they came back to play... Guess who he's got wrapped around his little finger?
  • Every store in this county is out of clear cello bags, so I had to make do with quart size Ziploc bags for Jack's friend's valentine's treats by cutting the zip top off. Shh don't tell! I am hoping and praying no one notices!
  • Yesterday we went on a family date to the mall and to lunch. Jack was exceptional. He rode the train at the mall...twice, but not because he wanted to but because I wanted to see the excitement that J got to see riding it with him the 1st time. Is that bad? We also scored 4 boxes of K cups and 2 shirts to add to Jack's quickly overgrown summer wardrobe all for $9.83. I really am trying to make my job that doesn't come with pay more successful by using coupons. (I still can not seem to master the grocery coupon thing, though. I try!)
  • The only way I can get Jack to drink milk is to lie and tell him its hot chocolate. It works at least!
  • I have a baby who was up every hour last night, and I have a terrible cold, so really all I want for valentine's day is a night of sleep!
  • Since Henry will not take a bottle at all I have learned quickly to adjust. I even nursed him in a restaurant, the mall parking lot, and carpool line. With Jack I would have DIED before I would have done that! Oh, how things change, but don't worry I am totally covered blankets and all!
  • I bought my own Valentine's Day present because I had a coupon and I am totally okay with that. I really hate red roses and prefer flowers out of the blue instead, so it works! I also really don't care about Valentine's Day since J is good about doing nice things most of the time anyway. I don't really need him to do something just because Hallmark requires it! I did get Jack a Valentine's present, but not Henry. I know bad mom, but Henry doesn't know and they will both watch the movie I got anyway.
  • Em got me addicted to white hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts. Good thing we don't have one close by, so that means I will have to just stick with my Dr. Pepper addiction that pregnancy caused and I have yet to break the habit.
  • We are taking Jack to see Madagascar Live this week. I think I am more excited than he is.
  • Jack has learned to say please when it wants something, especially something like candy or Dr. Pepper. Its so cute, it often works for him.
  • Somehow Jack figured out that Aunt Em's ipod is pink and now refers to it as the pink Tommy (that's baby talk for pink thing that plays Thomas the train videos)
  • Our new rugs are sort of shaggy. Jack thinks you should lay on them and make snow angels!
  • We are having this for dinner jealous, very jealous!
  • J has become quite the cook around our house which secretly makes me love that man more and more because I HATE TO COOK!

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