Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pizza and worms

I have had really good intentions to start taking at least one picture of the boys every day, but well I have managed to take a picture of Henry yesterday and today, but not Jack. Mainly because Jack is NEVER still and I really just have not felt like fighting him over pictures! I also have not really had much to say today either. Not that its not exciting around here to me, but lets be honest...to you, probably not so much!!

Jack had school yesterday and got lots of valentine treats! Henry hung out with me at home and J cooked us a Valentine's dinner that Jack cried during (the entire time) Henry decided that I did not need to eat and he needed to be fed instead, so basically it was mass chaos like any other night and J and I both agreed we would not have it any other way!

Today Jack had a date with Pop for pizza and a trip to the outdoor store. Apparently Jack insisted on having one of Pop's fishing lures and carried it everywhere they went. It even got to have pizza for lunch. I think he would have taken the slimy thing to bed with him if he had not been in the worst mood ever at bedtime. Henry and I went to Target for Dr. Pepper since we were out of it, and I knew tomorrow would be very bad if I did not have my Dr. Pepper fix. $50 later we were done, but Henry got lots of cute new pjs!

J got home early and I actually (don't faint) cooked dinner, like as in a real dinner of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and corn. I have been working on Tootlebugs and grocery coupons for the week. I started to work on taxes, but decided I would rather type this post and wish for a fairy godmother to appear to do the tax prep for me!

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