Thursday, February 17, 2011

Madagascar LIVE!

A few weeks ago while we were all watching TV one night a commercial came up for the Broadway show...Madagascar LIVE! Since that is Jack's all time FAVORITE movie, so much so that he acts the scenes out all the time we decided to have a date night and take him.

Thankfully Aunt Em was willing to babysit Henry and we got to spend some time with Jack. We paid way to much for popcorn and drinks, but have a great time! Jack LOVED it and made it through the entire show. And somehow by accident his friend Reed ended up sitting right beside us! Now we know we can definitely try it again sometime and maybe even attempt a movie outing soon too! They don't allow cameras, and are VERY strict about it, so the phone had to do!

Today was so nice here, but Jack was coughing like crazy and starting to get a runny nose, so I decided against the park like I had originally planned and we hung out at home. I actually got some work done and both boys were really good!

I scored a guest pass to shop the consignment sale at our church early thanks to my friend Beth, and got to go tonight. It was worth it especially for the little sizes. For some reason they are always cheaper and for obvious reasons they look better too. Henry racked up, but Jack only got one thing! I even stuck to my budget, so J was happy!! and I am resisting the urge to go back tomorrow with friends so that I don't get suckered in buying more! I am a sucker for anything smocked!!

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