Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday partying

I know it is almost the weekend again and I am just getting around to last weekend! We did lots of birthday partying this past weekend, but I only have pictures from one party.

Aunt Em said we could not take any pictures when we celebrated her birthday because we all looked a hot mess...meaning working on Tootlebugs stuff for 5 hours while trying to entertain a 2 year old and feed a 2 month old every two hours and cook dinner all at the same time! So to recap quickly we had her favorite... butterfinger cake and gave her a way cute ring (that I almost kept for myself) and a picture frame (that she picked out!)

Saturday night my friend for over 20 years (gosh that makes me sound so old!) and her family were in town and we had dinner and a "surprise" party for her 30th birthday. And speaking of 30 just so we are all clear...I AM NOT 30, and I actually have not decided if I am even going to turn 30 this year, or just be a happy little 29 again!

There were way to many little boys running around everywhere and Jack was in heaven. It was pure chaos..J hated it and I loved it, and if I were a millionaire and could pay for 6 or 7 cars, weddings, and colleges I would have that many little boys, but since we are not said millionaires I am thinking 3 looks like the magic number.

And at 30 Steph and I have 4 (and sometimes 6) boys between us. In a million years who would have ever thought two of the most prissy girls on earth would end up with boys, and you know what I would not trade it for anything in this world. We have fun talking daily about life with boys and no matter how many miles apart we are its always like we are right next door. Its so bad that just today Steph and I were talking on the phone and she was running into Publix and said you need anything? We both laughed thinking of how on earth she would ship milk!

We ate yummy cake, and watched a fashion show of Steph and her new granny wear! Lots of fun and two very tired little boys, but we would not have missed it!

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