Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Week

Oh my, this week has gone so fast!

We are planning to go to TN this weekend, but from what I have gathered they have more snow, so we may be traveling just for the day on Sunday if it does not clear up. I am so ready for SPRING!!

Jack has gone back to school for the whole week minus Monday (1st time since before Christmas) and that has helped our routine very much! He has been more pleasant and we have enjoyed our time together more!

Henry is still sleeping, eating, and pooping for the most part, but we did manage to get a couple of sweet smiles out of him this week! He is such a sweet baby, and growing like crazy. I packed up all the 0-3 month clothes yesterday, some still have tags on them :(

We managed a lunch date with Aunt Emmy complete with Chocolate cake!

And Henry got to welcome a new friend into the world. Charlie Guy Oatridge was born on Wednesday morning, happy and healthy! Their big brothers are big buddies, and I am sure Henry and Charlie will be to!

And just for fun here is Jack and Reed the day Jack was born!

I still have lots of blogging to catch up on like newborn pics, showing off some sewing J's mom did, and silly Jack singing...Hopefully I will get to all of that next week!

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