Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Round 2

We celebrated a little more Christmas this weekend and this little booger got more than he needed!

J's parents came on Friday, and somehow I managed to not snap a single picture. We were visiting and watching Jack open gifts and I totally forgot all about it. We had a great time and Jack is officially obsessed with his doctor kit that he got complete with personalized scrubs that his Grandi made just for him...believe me, they are so cute it deserves a post all of its on! She made Henry a cute outfit too and I am very thankful she can sew!

We also celebrated Christmas with my Dad's family and Jack loved that because he got to stay the weekend which meant he got whatever he wanted for an entire weekend!

He was more than excited about his candy machine, and so was I because I heard it was great to use for potty training...well guess where it is now? Sitting on J's desk at work. Yep, he took his child's candy machine!

Henry enjoyed being held the entire time and slept through most of the gift opening.

And here is the gift that Pop has been hiding for about 4 months...and Jack is terrified of his new power wheels.

He has ride on toys, but he is in control of those and this is all new. He loved it while we were in the house and he did not have much room to go, but once we got outside we had to try everything. Pop pretended to ride, with no luck...

and this is pretty much how it ended with Jack following a good distance behind.

It was a great start to the New Year and we are so thankful that we have such wonderful families to spend time with! Tomorrow it is back to reality and Jack starts back to school. I am glad to get our routine back, but anxious about getting everyone up and out the door on time!

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