Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching Up

Its been awhile, and we have been busy and I had lots to blog about, but time gets away faster than I ever imagined it could. It did not help that we had the "Winter Storm of 2011" that amounted to no more than about 1/2 an inch of ice around us but got J two days off of work and Jack out of two days of MDO! And when he only goes 3 mornings, that left me with not much time to get anything done.

During MDO on Friday I had a doctors appointment that lasted (and I am not kidding) 4 HOURS!! Thank goodness Jack was at school and Henry was a complete angel!

We got done just in time to grab some lunch and run by Big Lots to get a new wireless printer (which I am in LOVE with) before getting Jack and coming home to crying and dirty diapers all at the same time! We had our Friday night special for dinner and played trains until bed time.
Jack got to have a last minute spend the night party at Pop's last night (because he has his pop and Nana completely wrapped around his fingers) and Henry slept until 8:30 this morning! I got to do a little shopping today and talk to Aunt Em, who we are missing since they have been in LA (lower Alabama) since Thursday. Uncle Kyle's granddaddy passed away Thursday and they are headed home late tonight.

She has been helping with my terrible wardrobe, which is coming along rather nicely and yesterday she even found me the boots like hers that I wanted so badly! So now I can go out of the house and look half way stylish and somewhat put together!
There is no school tomorrow, but J has to work. Jack has had a major growth spurt and with at least 8 more weeks of winter I am desperately trying to make him enough shirts and shop enough sales to get him through winter, but with a spoiled little 6 week old who wants to eat or be held ALL THE TIME, there is not much sewing going on at all!

Thank goodness for the baby carrier my SIL let me borrow I have managed to do some things like clean house and fold laundry and keep Henry happy!
But my VERY, VERY type A personality has had to relax a little and let some things go! Which is why Jack's playroom looked like this most days,

and why we ate pizza for dinner in our pj's that we wore the night before!

Don't worry we did bathe and put fresh jammies on before bed!

I have about 15 items on my to do list this week and tomorrow I get the disc of Henry's newborn pictures!! And we are heading to TN next weekend so that J's grandparents can see the boys and meet Henry and get a visit in with the Downs too!

WHEW...that was alot, but now you are all caught up and I will try to do better this coming week! I always have great intentions, but by 8pm my bed starts looking really comfy!

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