Thursday, December 9, 2010

A week in pictures

It is hard to believe that it has already been a whole week since Henry was born,

and yet at the same time it is like we never missed a beat and he has been here forever! Jack seems to be adjusting well for the most part, and in spite of my crazy hormones J has managed to be home with me for a whole week and has been lots and lots of help. (I am really wondering what next week will bring when I am all on my own! HA!)

Henry is perfect in every way and I can not stop counting my blessings for being given two healthy and beautiful baby boys!

We have kept a check on his billi levels which meant two trips to the doctor's office, but since Jack had NICU stay, I wanted to take every measure possible to make sure I was prepared if we had to end up there again! (Jaundice is very common among siblings)

Yesterday's visit had him already weighing 8lbs 3 oz (no wonder I feel like all I do is sit and feed him all day!) and his levels seem to be fine.

For the most part we are hanging out at home and enjoying each other!

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