Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Night Before

I am way behind updating from Christmas, but we are still here. Henry's still waking up lots during the night and yesterday after I started running a fever we figured out that I have mastitis. YUCKY! I started taking an antibiotic last night, so hoping that will clear it up quickly. I do not have time to be sick and laughed out loud when I read that lots of rest would help! Okay moving on to the fun stuff!

We managed to make it to Christmas Eve Service,

and we were even on time, but we did not make it for the entire thing. Jack was still not feeling well and there were so many people there that it was at least a million degrees in there and Henry started getting hot in his car seat and then it was all over! So we came home and finished getting ready for out Christmas dinner with my mom's family.

J cooked an awesome dinner and Aunt Em made some yummy appetizers that we pigged out on! After dinner we let Jack open his gifts from Em and Kyle and Gigi and Geepers.

We don't exchange gifts with my side of the family, but they wanted to do something for the boys since that is really what it is about to us anyway. We enjoyed watching him open and play with his gifts and we also let him open his ornament from us.

He loved it, and I am not really sure that love is even a strong enough word to describe it, and then when we went to hang it on the tree...it fell and broke!

Long story short if anyone can find the Disney Cars Hallmark ornament from this year PLEASE let me know! I will pay good money for it! HA!

We got our cookies and milk ready for Santa, (oh and that broke too)

said goodnight to everyone, and then J and I got to help Santa out and that was the most fun part of the night.

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