Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Henry Day!

  • Our bags are packed and in the car.
  • We have our camera, video camera, and phone chargers ready.
  • Snacks for the hospital and the house is completely stocked with groceries
  • My house is clean and tiny newborn diapers are in their basket waiting to be used.
  • It's still dark outside and the busy traffic has not started yet.
  • Jack is snuggled in his warm bed and Aunt Em is there to greet him when he wakes up.
  • Jack's big brother shirt is ironed and ready for him to wear to meet his baby brother for the first time.
Please pray for us today as we welcome our sweet new addition to the family. Pray that I will have peace about being induced, that Jack will adjust to having a baby brother, pray that Henry comes out healthy and perfect, pray for the doctors and nurses that will be taking care of us, and pray that my emotions will not get the best of me!

Thank you for loving our family!
We can not wait to share pictures of our sweet Henry!

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