Tuesday, November 23, 2010

39 Week Update

Went to the doctor today and it seems like I am there all the time lately, but today was the last appointment before Henry comes! YEA! Thankfully since Jack did not have school this week Sara Ann was home and did not mind babysitting. J was/is slammed at work today, so I went alone with instructions for him to answer the phone not matter what!

We have a plan now and I never thought I would be planning an induction, especially after having my 1st baby at 37 weeks, but that is the plan for now. I am still praying and hoping that maybe...just maybe Henry will decide to come on his own before next Thursday, but if not Henry's Birth Day will be December 2nd 2010!

Here are the stats:

  • Heartbeat: 142
  • 1lb lost for a total of 17lbs gained
  • Dilated 2 cm
  • Getting excited that we know for sure you will be here by next week!
It is hard to believe 9 months have passed so quickly!

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