Monday, February 1, 2010

Spend The Night Party!

Pop called and wanted Jack to spend the night Friday night, so I agreed thinking of all the things I could get done and where John and I could go for an "adult" dinner Friday night.

Of course I was a little sad (as always) when I left him and wanted him to be too, but after a quick bye-bye he was off to play!

He got to stay up late, skip nap time, eat ice cream, and go see the fish being fed and play at Bass Pro Shop. When we met up Saturday to pick him up, he was contently rocking away and watching the fish!

Since then a majorly awful stomach has thrown me for a loop, and kept me in bed all day yesterday. We are moving around today, but the thought of F-O-O-D still gets me! Thank goodness for J and that so far the boys haven't gotten it! (I sure hope they don't!)

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