Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aquadoodling Fun and Chick-fil-a Dates!

Jack is ROTTEN, but I guess you already knew that! He got lots of fun Valentine's treats this year!

Aunt Shan is the best CPA we know, but with that job also comes several months of constant work and no fun. I think she is having withdrawals from Jack, so she just had to send him some fun things for Valentines! He loves to write, so the Aquadoodle mat was the perfect gift!

Gigi and Jeepers also had a great gift idea when they sent Jack chick-fil-a gift cards! I think we will enjoy some lunch dates in the next few weeks!

And let's not forget that my husband is a pretty awesome gift giver too!

I am in love and can not wait to start collecting more attachments for each holiday! If you have never seen the Happy Everything collection, you must check it out here!

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