Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yucky Rainy Day

Yesterday was just yucky so we...

Spent some extra time in our pj's and played with ice on the floor! (This is one of Jack's new favorite things to do-thanks to his Daddy)

We baked Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies, each ate one and sent the rest to work with J. Can't you tell Jack liked them? This was his 1st homemade CC cookie.

Then we spent some time in the sweat shop trying to get caught up!
(Not sure that will happen any time soon!)

**Update: This was exactly how our day went until about 7:30p when we lost power due to the storms and had a sick baby wake up at midnight with a high fever and throwing up. You can imagine the comedy act it was to give a baby a bath a midnight by flashlight, take a temp, give medicine, and then try to find some place for all the sheets and bedding to hang out until the power came back and we could turn on the washing machine! Add in 2 plus a sick baby trying to sleep in the same bed! Let's just say that Jack and I were on the couch watching Barney by 4am when the power finally returned!

We have been to the doctor this morning and have a virus! Lots of Gatorade and Love should help today!

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