Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yesterday I had to get a much, much needed haircut, so I decided I would take Jack on a little date to our favorite lunch spot!

While there we picked up an Angel Tree child and will do the same at church. Although Jack is much to young to understand now, J and I want him to always remember to give to others first. We are so blessed and have much more than we could ever need. I felt so bad when I read the child's list and it said a toy or a coat. Can you imagine having to choose between a coat and toy? I had to buy both. I would not want Jack to go without either.

A couple of years ago we also stopped exchanging gifts with both of our families and have continued to just enjoy being together at the holidays without another basket of body products or a gift card that none of us need.

Yes, Santa will come see Jack AND no we are not perfect or saints for doing something for someone else, because we could do much more than we do. We want Jack to love Christmas, but to remember that Jesus Birthday is the most important part of the season.

One of the traditions in my family and John's that I love most is the reading of the Christmas story. In that moment no one is focused on anything else. It is such a special time that we will make sure Jack gets to experience!

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