Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Sweet New Baby

Aunt Emmy's childhood friend, Jessie and her family were in town over the weekend and lucky for us it was more convenient to stop by our house, so they met up here. We got to see their precious new baby boy!

I was not sure what Jack would think mainly because we have not been around any tiny new babies at all lately. Surprisingly he did well and only tried to "rock" his car seat a few times and kept saying Baa, Baa, Baa. (that is his word for baby and Barney) I think I was the nervous wreck!

Wesson was so cute and tiny. Weighing a little over 7lbs he seemed so breakable and yet a short 15 months ago (today) I was holding a 5lb baby. I honestly can not remember how little that really was.

We were glad to see them and love on Wesson some. I was hoping Aunt Em might catch the baby bug, but no such luck! I think she is perfectly content to love on Jack for now, and we are so glad she does!

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