Monday, December 14, 2009

Strawberry Cake, Cookies, and Jewelry,... Oh My!

We survived the LONG trip to NC for my only boy cousin's wedding, thanks to the DVD player and many, many hours of Barney. It was a super rushed weekend (meaning, that is my excuse for forgetting the camera!) but we had lots of fun seeing everyone that we had not seen in a year and Jack was the cutest thing in his outfit for the wedding. (the outfit that he was supposed to wear for his baptism, but got blood on that morning, so thanks to Oxy Clean he still got to wear it one time before I have to pack it away for the next Henson baby, unless we have a girl! HA!) I promise to post some pictures when I locate them from the wedding photographer or Jessica. (they were the only ones with the cameras!)

Aunt Em was off today so we met for some lunch and a little shopping.
We even stopped for a little afternoon splurge at our favorite bakery for some fresh strawberry cake and sugar cookies. And yes, we were wearing our summer Christmas outfit today because it was 70 degrees!

AND we visited a new store at the Summit, Charming Charlie's. I am in love with all the jewelry they had and I even decided to jump in on a fall trend and buy one of these....

I don't know if I will wear it, (mine is silver) but Em said it was cute so we will see. It is so funny how everyone thinks a SAHM's wardrobe should be tennis shoes and sweat pants. I just can not seem to get on board with that "trend" and probably never will, I like dresses way to much!

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