Friday, December 18, 2009


Jack's toys have sort of taken over our upstairs den, so I guess you could say it has become the playroom, and my sweat shop is upstairs, so it just sort of just worked out. (oh, and I am very type A and could not stand toys all over the house, so this contains them, some what)

Yesterday we spent a long time playing upstairs with his ball popper. I think it is his most favorite toy. It is the 1st thing he or any child at our house picks up. I think I bought EVERY little one we know one for Christmas.

This is also my favorite Christmas outfit we have. My mom bought it last year and I especially love that it is reversible and has a snowman on the other side, so when Christmas is over we can still wear it!

Maybe we will show you all our Christmas clothes, but with only 7 days til Christmas, I don't think we have time!

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