Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where Did It Go?

I have not been the best blogger lately, but I promise it has been for good reason!

Tootlebugs has been very busy, and I just can not seem to get it all done. I don't do any "work" while Jack is awake, so that doesn't leave much time, but I really enjoy it!

We are getting ready to go to TN tomorrow for Jack's favorite girl's birthday party, but first we had to make a Target run this afternoon AND stop for our favorite lunch and sweet tea! I am glad Jack likes lunch dates now. I am sure I will have to beg him for a lunch date soon enough!

While I am rambling on and making up for lost time I must share this. My Aunt Beth sent Jack the funniest, cutest thing for Halloween and I must share. (if you know me well at all you will appreciate this)

She could not find monogrammed goldfish, so she said this had to do! Jack did not appreciate that I had to stop the eating of the goldfish for a picture!

I mean what is it with us Southern girls? We will monogram anything that stands still long enough!

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