Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend, Zoo, and Grandparents

  • The Rutlands took Tropical Storm Ida as an excuse to come visit since school was cancelled. We took advantage of the beautiful weather Thursday and took the boys to the zoo! Parker was the funniest thing. He wanted you to read every sign and tell about every animal. Not knowing was simply NOT acceptable! We rode the train, ate yummy frozen yogurt, and walked alot!

  • Friday afternoon we got a surprise visit from Jack's Grandaddy (John's dad) who was passing through town. Jack was asleep and missed seeing him, but he came back by today and brought Jack a Little People barnyard with mooing doors and all the animals from John's Aunt Melissa and Uncle David. Which he LOVED and I was so glad we got it just in time because it was on the list for Jack's Pop to get for Christmas!!
  • I did a Holiday Open House with Tootlebugs on Saturday which went very well and should keep me busy in the sweat shop until late in the night! Then Pop was sweet enough come babysit while we went to an Autism benefit with lots of yummy food from local restaurants. I don't think Jack cared at all that we were gone. As soon as he realized Pop was here he did not care about anyone else! (Could it be all that sweet tea and Chick-fil-a fries he gave him??)
  • Today we played outside and took a walk, but most importantly I took a long nap. The 1st one in over a year. It was heavenly!!

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