Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Happenings

We had a great Thanksgiving!!

(other than the little ear infection that Jack woke up with on Thursday morning and that we were out of town and had to go to FOUR different doc-in-the box/pediatrics place to find someone to see him!) He is such a pleasant baby, that the only signs he doesn't feel well are a fever and rosy cheeks!

  • We ate lots and lots of yummy food!
  • My Aunt Beth had a basket full of toys for Jack to play with. That made it much easier to entertain him, however I think her piano did a pretty good job of it too!
  • Thanksgiving night we all go to the movies. It is a fun tradition we have Jack and I only made it about 20 minutes, which was fine since Em and I were getting up at 2:30 AM to shop!
  • Em and I shopped just about all day (and our day started at 3:30AM) We go some great deals and had lots of fun. Thank goodness John had gone the day before to get the TV we wanted for our upstairs den, so we did not have to fight for one on Black Friday.
  • John watched the Iron Bowl at Em's in-laws house. Mom, Jack, and I ate cookies and shopped some more.
  • We went to one of our favorite out of the way places for a yummy dinner. Jack was the star of the restaurant that night and loved he loved the fried pickles.
  • Jack got his 1st Christmas present, from the Unger's and he loved it. So much that I have already scoped out Chuck's (its a dump truck) brothers at Wal-Mart. I think Santa might have to bring them!
Hope your Thanksgiving was as fun as ours. We had lots of fun with our family. I think they mostly had fun with Jack!! (He is not rotten at all!)
Now we are trying to get into Christmas mode!
We better hurry, so that Jack can wear all of his Christmas outfits before it is over!

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