Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Recap

There were lots of firsts at our house this weekend, which made for a much more exciting weekend!
  • The VOLS actually won the game and Crompton did a decent job for once!
  • Auburn lost... bad!
  • Em and I went to see Rent on Broadway for the 1st time. It was fabulous.
  • Jack fell and got his first busted lip. It was not too bad and the swelling was gone the next day. I felt so bad, but he did not even cry.
  • We had yogurt at Yogurt Mountain and it was WONDERFUL! A concept unlike anything I have seen before. Like an assembly line you get your cup, yogurt(which they are fat free), then your toppings and there are 100's. When you are done, you pay by the ounce. It is such a neat place to visit!
  • JACK GOT HIS 1ST HAIRCUT! And you can see for your self how it went!

He did stop crying when we got bubbles out and as long as he did not look at the hairdresser he was fine. I think the sucker was well worth it to him! Needless to say, I do not plan to take him for a haircut b
y myself for a while!

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