Sunday, August 30, 2009

AL Mom

I ran across this article written by Minda Riley Campbell (if you are from AL you know who she is!) in my AL Baby magazine today. It is so funny and me. I just had to share!!

You know you are an AL mom when...

1. You monogram anything that stands still.

2. You relate more to Scarlett and her crew than to Carrie and Miranda.

3. Your child's first name is actually a combination of two first names and must be said together at all times.

4. You accept that you can look good, your children can look good or your house can look good, but not all three at the same time.

5. You camp out overnight to be first in line at the children's consignment sale.

6. You are extremely grateful to God and the creators of Spanx.

7. You dress you baby in Alabama or Auburn wear and take them to the Iron Bowl before they turn one.

8. You raise your children to be the adults that still say ma'am and sir to show respect.

9. You understand that smocked dresses are works of art but wish they were priced more like reprints.

10. Your children will grow up in the city and the country because the country is only 15 minutes in any direction from the city when you live in Alabama.

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